Efdot Studio Optimist Skate Deck

I have had the good fortune to know Eric Friedensohn (aka Efdot Studio) and watch his Optimist Project grow into a brand aimed at “Spreading hope and gratitude through art and streetwear.” Knowing his story and his passion for skateboarding, an Optimist Skate Deck was the most appropriate way to display his Iconoflage piece.

Telling the Story

This piece is a mashup of three areas of Eric’s life: his career in art and design, his passion for skateboarding, and the Optimist Project. The piece contains his artwork, tools of his trade, and various skateboarding items. Some of the more notable pieces include:

The original Optimist sketch Eric found after his apartment caught fire.
Eric’s skate illustrations – if you have seen his more recent work, you’ll recognize his simple, yet fun style.
Hats – you don’t usually see Eric not wearing a hat.

A Memoir for a Story Just Beginning

I admire Eric and his efforts to become a highly skilled artist and designer while looking for a way to give back to his community. Although his story is only beginning, he already has a lot to share. As a result, the Optimist Skate Deck provides a short, but plentiful story about Eric’s optimism through hard times, enjoyment of life, and inspiring others.

Category: Custom Art Piece, Product Artwork

Size: 31.75″ x 8″

Media: Black and white acrylic paint on skateboard deck, finished with a glossy clear coat

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