Understanding your logo’s true potential and investing in it.

Whether you’re starting up a new company or updating your visual identity, there are a lot of options when it comes to getting a new logo.

You could hire a professional, but what seems to becoming the more popular (unfortunately) are websites that will outsource your job to someone and you only have to pay $5.

Wow! Sounds like a great deal for that much money.

Hell, if you didn’t like the first version, you could pay another $5 for another logo. Some websites don’t even charge for giving you multiple iterations, proof after proof, until you’re happy with the design.

Sounds good, right? You do realize that’s a sarcastic rhetorical question?

I honestly ponder the motivation for businesses who decide to go this route. Honestly, it comes down to one issue: a lot of businesses see the logo as an expense. It’s just another thing they need to purchase for their business. When they think this way, they’re going to look for the shortest, cheapest route.

As a logo designer, this is a big roadblock – and a huge red flag – when it comes to potential clients.

You need to understand that the logo is an invaluable piece of your brand that has many tasks including attracting the right people who will bring you business.

As a business person, you must understand a thing or two about investing, obviously you put money in, and you get a higher return in the future.

The same goes for your logo.

A logo isn’t worth $5

Let’s start at the root of the problem that brought up this topic. These websites where you sign up, pay five bones, and you’ll have a new logo for your business. Sounds great, right?

Yeah, well, as nice as that sounds and maybe the logo even looks okay, there is no guarantee that your new logo is actually going to do what it’s supposed to do.


There wasn’t any thorough research into your business, your target audience, or your brand.

Your Logo should attract your audience to you

Your logo has a pretty big job.

Excuse me…

Your logo serves one of the biggest roles in your brand by being the visual representation of your entire brand.

Considering that it is one of the first interactions many people will have with your brand, it needs to be inviting to those people who are going to bring you business.

Let me give a quick example.

Let’s say there’s an auto repair shop called Kendall’s. These guys pride themselves in willing to get as dirty as they have to to find the source of your car trouble. They’re friendly, provide excellent and timely service, and will even explain to you what happened so you can avoid future trouble.

Now, what if this shop’s logo was fluffy soft pink and white, what would you expect?

How well would the auto repair shop’s brand be reflected if the logo was something that looked like one you would see walking down the girls’ section in Toys-R-Us?

Kendall's Auto Repair Logo

There would be some brand confusion at the very least and a lot of missed opportunities for business.

The same thing goes for an inappropriately designed logo for your brand. It probably won’t be as polar opposite, but understand that one of the main tasks for your logo is to attract the right people. The only way to make that possible is through a great amount of research.

A logo isn’t just a pretty picture

There are a lot of logos in the world that look fantastic. Some are simple type-based logos, others have a lot of small details that provide a unique character and feel, but that’s not what makes them successful.

Having a logo that you like is good, but it’s most important that it looks good to the right people. As I stated above, it needs to attract your audience – the people who are going to bring you business.

If your logo is designed with only your preferences in mind, then you are only attracting yourself.

You need to realize that your preferences aren’t going to be the ones that make a successful logo for your business.

Since your logo is supposed to attract the attention of people who will bring in business, shouldn’t you want it to be eye-catching to those people?

That means taking not just your brand, but your audience into full consideration when designing the logo. And this, my friend, is what makes the right logo functional.

It serves the goal of not just communicating your brand, but in a way that draws in the people who will bring you money.

Reflecting Your Brand

I’m a big believer in, “You get what you pay for.” You buy something cheap, it’s going to be cheap.

If you buy a $5 logo, it’s going to do $5 of work. I know you want to have a visual representation of your brand that does way more than that!

By investing in your logo, you show that you truly care about your brand.

An investment in the success of your future

Your logo isn’t an expense that you look for the cheapest option. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to look for the most expensive one either, but hiring a logo designer who understands the above principals is vital.

By investing in your logo with a designer who does the research to create a unique and memorable logo that attracts your audience, you’re going to realize a much larger return than what you purchased the logo for.

If designed well, your logo will last you a very long time – hopefully for the lifetime of your brand. It will attract your target audience even as your brand evolves.

There are times where a brand’s direction changes so much that the business should consider a rebrand, but despite these extreme cases, you shouldn’t need to constantly update your visual identity.

How do you avoid the reoccurring expense of having to update your logo? Invest in it and have it done correctly by a professional.

Understand that your logo isn’t just a picture or a symbol or your company name in a clean, sans serif font.

Your logo should be the visual representation of your brand both currently and in the future.

Your logo should be designed in such a way that it attracts the right people – the people who will bring you money and keep you in business.

And you know that buying a logo for $5 isn’t going to cut it. That isn’t an acceptable solution for something that has the potential to have so much power.

No, instead you’re going to look for someone who’s going to work with you as a partner to design something that supports your business and enhances your brand and money won’t even be a question.


Because you understand that your logo is an investment to the longevity and success of your business.

Is investing in your brand, visual identity, and logo starting to click with you?

Are you still unsure about the differences between paying $5 for a logo by someone who doesn’t develop a relationship with you compared to paying more than $5,000 for a logo by a professional who you can form a partnership with?

Send me a message below.

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