Creating an audience, connecting with future clients, and building a community.

Although I discussed why you shouldn’t use social media as your portfolio last week, today, I want to discuss what you should use it for. It’s important to recognize the huge potential you have with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Dribbble, so let’s cover how to use social media as a freelance designer.

Share Your Work

Even though I said not to make social media your portfolio, you should share your work through social media. Platforms like Instagram and Dribbble are great places to show your projects. While you can connect with people through Facebook an LinkedIn. And you can share process videos on YouTube and even Snapchat.

Sharing your portfolio work on social media will help you get noticed by your target clientele.

Document Your Process

Along with your final pieces, use social media to document your process as you progress through projects. Sharing your process shows proof that you are a professional and know what you are doing. As potential clients see how you solve other client’s problems, they get an idea of how you can solve theirs.

Connect with potential business

Of course, the main reason social media exists is to connect with people. For a freelancer like you, that means connecting with the people who will hire you. But people aren’t going to sign on just to view to your work.

It’s important to remember there are a lot of people on these platforms doing similar things like you, and you’re fighting for your target clientele’s attention just like they are.

If you want to get connected with certain clients, you need to reach out to them. If there’s a business you’ve been wanting to do a project for, show them you’re interested in them. Like and comment on their photos, follow them. Heck, do a personal project for them, and tag them in it to give them an idea of what you would like to do for them.

Connecting with potential clients isn’t just a one-way road where people come to you. You also need to reach out to those people you want to do work for.

Help build a better design community

One of the last ways I want to encourage you use social media is to help build a stronger design community. We are all in this together. As we encourage each other to do what we are passionate about and provide helpful feedback, we can build a community of creative professionals who takes pride in our work and get paid what we’re worth.

Social media enables us connect with other designers and artists whose work we appreciate and get inspired from. There’s nothing wrong with following or being friends with people who create work similarly to ourselves. Just as each person is different, our processes, our work, and even our desired clients call all be different.

Social media is a networking tool

I’ll tell you right now, the biggest freelance project I was hired for this year came from sharing my work on social media (Snapchat of all things!). Social media is a fantastic tool that allows you to connect with people all around the world and it’s helpful to know how to use social media as a freelance designer. By showing potential clients that you know what you’re doing through documenting your work, sharing your completed projects, and reaching out to potential clients, you will start to get people interested in what you’re doing and eventually get hired for the work you want to do.

What’s the biggest challenge you have using social media? Tell me below.

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