Getting more personal with my personal brand.

If you have been following me for a while, you might have noticed that things look a little different around here. Instead of just leaving it as a mystery, I wanted to share why I chose to update my visual identity. And will continue to experiment with it for a little while.

If you have following me for a little while longer, you might know that I was focusing on logo and branding design last year. The visual identity I had during this time was aimed at communicating my professionalism. Yeah, it was great and all (aside from the technical errors), but there was one main issue I had with it: it didn’t communicate much of my personality. No, it had a little bit of a stick-up-my-ass attitude that really isn’t me.

I like to have fun and I like to make things that are visually interesting. I mean, come on. Just look at any Iconoflage project. And I was concerned that this visual branding was not communicating my personality at all. Since this is my “personal brand,” it needed to be better at communicating who I am.

Why I’m still working under my own name

Now, I have heard the argument from some people that they don’t like to use their name. My friend Scotty Russell (Perspective Collective) recently discussed in his podcast that he didn’t want to use his name because it didn’t click with him. Some people even see that it’s a bit narcissistic to name your business after yourself. I get it.

But for me, to work under my own name keeps me accountable.

If you search for me on Google, you’re going to find me and everything about me. There’s no company name I can hide behind. And knowing that, I want to make sure that I always put my best foot forward. The clients I work for and the work I do is stuff I agree with and enjoy working on.

That being said, by working under my own name, I want to make sure that I carry my personality with my brand as well. It makes it much more fun being able to add my character into the mix. I can be myself because it’s my brand.

Updated the logo

As for my logo, this little guy was one of the more obvious changes. Instead of the SH monogram, it is now my signature.  Is it technically sound? Not really. But I have a few good reasons why I chose to move in this direction.

First, it’s my signature. You can’t get more personal than that. When I sign an Iconoflage piece, it’s like stamping my logo of approval on the final product.

Second (and this was a big one), I used a fat broad-tip marker to create this because it would be easier to Iconoflage. I mean, I need to have at least one Iconoflaged version of my own logo, right?

And third, this sort of rough, slightly imperfect logo carries the hand-drawn appearance which communicates how I create Iconoflage.

As I noted about why I work under my name, my signature is part of me, and being able to use my own signature in the visual branding makes it feel more like this is my business.

Added another color

The addition of the neon green/yellow (tennis ball) color might appear as one of the more random choices I made updating my visual branding. But just like the other two changes, this is another choice that was another reference to my personality.

I don’t often mention that I’m a runner. It’s actually something I’ve become more proud of and have starting talking about more. When I’m running, I frequently wear this color to make myself easier to see. Because of that, it’s become one of my favorite colors.

But I didn’t choose to add this color just because it’s my favorite color. I added it because just like why I wear it running, it catches your eye. Which is representative of how captivating Iconoflage is.

I’ll admit that I’m still experimenting with the colors for my visual branding, but this is where I have settled for the moment. It may change in a month, or it might stay the same. Only time will tell.

The visual identity is just a facade

I want to point out that my visual branding is just a visual representation of me and this business I’m trying to build. It doesn’t fully communicate who I am and you won’t properly know me just by seeing my logo.

In reality, you can’t do that with any company. As logo designers, we try to distill an entire brand into a simple symbol, but you only end up communicating a small piece of a much larger entity.

That being said, this update to my visual identity is an attempt to be more transparent about who I am by visually communicating my personality better. It’s fun. It’s a little bold, and it’s eye-catching. Just a few things that reflect me and the work I’m building my business with.

Curious about making your visual branding better reflect you and your work, or want to talk about about the changes I made to mine? Contact me below.

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