Starting a Project

The Initial Steps

Most of the work I need from you comes at the beginning before I even put a pencil in my sketchbook and start drawing. There are a lot of questions I will ask you and information I need from you before I can start designing your logo.

It Starts with a Questionnaire

The first step to me designing your logo is for you to fill out a questionnaire. Your answers provide me with the information I need to start researching your business, your industry, and your target audience. It also gives me an idea if we are going to work well together.
Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an automated confirmation email thanking you for filling out the form and provide you with some more information on the pre-project process.

Before I can design your logo, I need to know who you are, what your brand is, and who your target audience is.

Initial Review

When I receive a project request, I set aside some time within the next day or two to review the information you have sent me.
I will take down notes based on the information you provide and the links you share to get an idea of who you are and what your business is.
After my initial research is done, I will review the information I have gathered and determine if we are going to work well together.
If it does not appear that we are going to work well together, I will stop the project before it starts. I do not want to waste either your time or mine on a project that will lead to difficult situations in the future. I am doing us both a favor so that you can find someone who will provide you with the solution you would prefer.
If I don’t think we are going to be a good fit, I will contact you to thank you for your consideration of hiring me as your logo designer, but I am not the right designer for the project.
If I do think we’re going to be a good fit, then I will move on to the next investigative step.

Compiling Questions

If I believe we are going to be a good fit and will work together, then I will continue to dig deeper into you, your brand, and your business. I revisit the information you provided me and I will compile a list of questions that I will need to ask you.
These questions will be tailored to you and your business instead of the general ones that are in the questionnaire.
Some of these question questions can include:

  • Where you see your business in the near and long future?
  • What is your history in the field?
  • How can we avoid failure for the project?
  • What else should I know about your target audience?
  • What will designing a successful logo do for you?

This in-depth list of questions will allow me to create the best logo for you.
Since I do not know you, your brand, or your business, your answers to the questionnaire just get the ball rolling. I will need to ask you some more in-depth questions to really know you and what makes your business unique.
These questions will also help me understand the scope of the project.

Scheduling a Meeting

Once I have finished writing up my questions, I will email you about scheduling a time to meet. Depending on our distance from each other, we can either talk over the phone or over video chat (Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.) for long-distance, or if you are closer to where I am, I will do what I can to meet with you in person.


During our meeting, I will ask you my questions and record all of your answers. I may record our conversation so I will have the recording to go back and review (this is extremely helpful if I missed something in my notes). If I want to do this, I will first ask you for permission to make sure you are okay with me doing so.
During this meeting, feel free to ask me any questions about me and my process as well. I understand you are learning about me like I am learning about you!

Once our meeting has concluded, it’s back to work for myself.

Design Agreement

Next, I will write up a design agreement which will include the duties of each party (most of it being mine), the scope of the project – what I will be designing for you, the cost of the project, the schedule of the project, when you can expect your new logo, and other various details that will provide clarity for both you and me about this project.
This agreement is basically a contract, but written out in plain english. It’s sole purpose is to protect both of us and provide clarity on the entire project.

Design Agreement Overview

Even though I try to make the agreement easy to understand by omitting jargon that might be confusing, want to make sure we are both on the same page with the agreement.
When I email the design agreement to you, I will either call you or explain the agreement in further detail in the email to make sure you completely understand it.

Signed and Paid

Once I have sent you the design agreement and you understand (and agree to) it, all that’s left is for you to send me a signed copy of the design agreement and the non-refundable 50% down payment for the project.
If you send me the signed contract and the payment by the date we discussed, I will get started on designing your logo as scheduled in the design agreement.

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