Tinlun Studio Custom Art Piece

The Tinlun Studio custom art piece was created as a gift for Terence Tang, the hand-letterer-turned-apparel-designer under the brand Tinlun Studio.

This piece reveals the Tinlun brand and tools Terence uses on a daily basis to create his artwork.

Aside from looking sharp, I used gold ink on black paper because they are Tinlun’s brand colors.

Icons Found in the Piece

Being a skilled hand letterer, Terence has many tools at his disposal some of the notable items:

The cola pen making the stem of the T
Ink blotches (a technique Terence uses to add character to his designs)
Traditional Chinese calligraphy brushes

Artwork to Answer the Ever-Present Question

One of the most tiring things for most hand letterers is to be asked, “What pen is that?” This piece answers that question but also shows Terence’s mastery in his field. By revealing all of the tools Terence uses at his disposal in any given day, you realize the countless hours he has spent honing his skills.

It’s a story of pursuing one’s passion and mastering the necessary tools to produce inspiring apparel. The tools don’t make the design; the master of the tools does. The tools just aid the designer to create what he imagines similarly as they are used to make up this piece.

The Tinlun Studio custom art piece now hangs proudly in the Tinlun Studio home office.


At first glance, it's really cool to see an organic, non-repeating texture applied to something that I'm used to seeing in a solid color. Upon looking at it more closely, I started to see all of the elements which tell a complete story in a unique and engaging visual way. Every time I look at the piece, I see something that I hadn't seen before and it makes the artwork that much more special.

Scott is a consummate professional and terrific to work with. He really does his homework and truly immerses himself into his clients' brand and culture, so you can let him do his thing and rest assured that you'll get a kick-ass piece in the end.

If you have a story to tell, Iconoflage is one of the most unique ways to tell it. It's eye-catching and memorable in any way that it's displayed, whether it's shown digitally on social media or scaled up as a wall mural.

Terence Tang

Lettering Artist, Tinlun Studio

Category: Custom Art Piece

Size: 14″ x 11″

Media: Gold ink on black Stonehenge 90 lb paper

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