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With the creation of my new website and I knew it was time for a complete overhaul and rebranding including a visual identity. My previous logo was based on my star, which leaned towards graffiti and represented a younger me. I needed a new timeless identity that showed my professionalism and better represented myself to my current and future clients.


To create something timeless, it needed to avoid any visuals that might hold me back to any time period, so i decided to do a monogram – sticking with a hand-lettered type would be the most accurate solution.

I tried various designs even with my whole name, but using just my initials “SH” would allow me to use it as a visual much better than my full name.

RiverBlendz Thumbnal Sketches


One obstacle I needed to avoid was having the letters next to each other so people would not read it as “Sh.” I don’t want people to be quiet, I need my clients to tell me about themselves so I can create great designs for them!
So a different solution was clearly needed.
RiverBlendz Logo Refinement

Vectorize and Grid

Once I had a solid drawing I could scan and work with digitally, I created a vector version of the logo. I then added guidelines to help with giving the monogram an appropriate balanced space.

Scott Hofford Vector and Grid
Scott Hofford Horizontal Logo with Grid

Final Concept

Scott Hofford Final Logo Renders
The solution I came up has a large slab-serif S that dissects a shorter, but just as wide slab serif H and a two dots on either side of the letters. This solution represents timelessness, professionalism and my services : branding design and hand lettering.
The S with its large bowls and slender shape mocks an infinity symbol rotated 90 degrees to represent the idea of timelessness as a goal for my projects.
The way the S and H play off of each other represent the complexity of the details I consider for each client and use the most important ones to represent them to their customers. As here, people know me by my first name, and I want to continue to encourage people to do that so the S is dominant.
The clean slab-serif type I used for the logo was chosen to show that I create clean, timeless designs that can be used for any application needed.
The two dots don’t just add balance to my logo, but subtly represent my two areas of expertise: branding identity and hand lettering.
In conclusion, my new branding is timeless, bold, and professional and communicates my passions in design.

Are you interested in working with me on your own branding identity? Contact me!

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