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RiverBlendz is a drive-up coffee shop in Roseburg, Oregon. The owners are proud to serve high-quality organic drinks and snacks to regulars and visitors driving just through town.


Like most of my projects, once I understood my client and their direction, I started getting my ideas on paper doing some quick thumbnail sketches. I experimented with various ideas spreading from script styles to having an icon with a tree inside a coffee bean.

This step just using pencil and paper allowed me to get my ideas down quickly moving from one idea to the next.

RiverBlendz Thumbnal Sketches


Once I had a good direction from my sketches, I drew a larger version of the sketch.

I then used tracing paper to trace over the general shape and worked on refining the details.

I repeated this step a few times until every detail was in the right spot and was worth vectorizing.

RiverBlendz Logo Refinement


After I had a good sketch with the details where I wanted them, I scanned my drawing and created a vector version of the logo.

I then created a grid using the Golden Ratio to make sure everything fit into it’s spot comfortably. These little details can be seen in the width of the tree, the peaks and direction changes of the mountains, and the width of the river.

RiverBlends Vectoring Logo

Final Concept

The final outcome is a memorable, detailed logo that says a story about RiverBlendz.

The mountains are the silhouettes of Mount Thielsen (left) and Mount Hood (right). Both are mountains in Oregon, Thielsen being one of the most recognizable mountains close to Roseburg to represent the origin of RiverBlendz. Mount Hood, being close to Portland, represents the goals of expanding in the future.

The river curves in the shape of a “Z” hinting at the substitution of the letter instead of an “s” at the end of RiverBlendz.

The rock with its reflection in the river is easily recognized as a coffee bean suggesting the products RiverBlends provides.

The tree, is a Douglas Fir tree, the state tree of Oregon. The care of the detail in the tree represents the thoughtfulness of the owners in selecting and providing high-quality drinks and food to their customers and as a business. The detail also gives the logo an organic feel giving the viewer a sense of the more natural (as opposed to processed) goods they will find at RiverBlendz.

The typeface for this identity needed to be clean and modern, yet have a personal feel to it, which is why a sans serif type containing a bit of personality was chosen.

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