Optimist Skate Deck

Eric Friedensohn, AKA Efdot Studio, is a graphic designer, illustrator, and hand-letterer from New York City.

In the summer of 2014, his apartment caught fire which destroyed most of his belongings. One of the only things to survive the blaze was a lettering piece which was preserved in his scanner. This sketch of the word “Optimist” ended up providing a guiding light to look at everything he has to be grateful for instead of simply feeling like a victim. Since then, he has built an Optimist brand to encourage others to do the same.

If he isn’t working on a design project, you can usually find Eric skateboarding. It was only natural to create an Iconoflaged version of the Optimist logotype on a skateboard deck. The artwork includes skateboarding equpiment and Eric’s illustration and lettering works.


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