Kuahiwi Surf Shop Identity

The Kuahiwi Surf Shop identity is part of my 50 States 50 Brands project which I have used to push my branding and logo design skills, refine my process, and learn more about the United States while I do it.

Kuahiwi Surf Shop is a surfboard shop located in O’ahu, Hawaii providing surfing equipment to beginning and expert surfers alike. “Kuahiwi,” which is Hawaiian for mountain, refers to the idea that anyone can surf the largest waves and the employees and teachers who work at the shop want to help you get there. The goal was to visually translate this idea through the logo which was done by incorporating the profile of Diamond Head, a mountainous volcano cone in O’ahu.

View the full case study here (opens in new window).

Note: Unfortunately, Kuahiwi Surf Shop is a fictitious business, but makes for a great story!

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