Old 99 Brewing Co. Iconoflage

I created the Old 99 Brewing Co. Iconoflage in 2015 originally as artwork for a special beer they were releasing. Since then, it has grown from being a custom art piece for one application to being used on many different products, packaging, and branding material.

Icons Found in the Piece

The piece consists of many different things you’ll find at the brewery. Bottles, glasses, fermenters, hops, bar stools, and other beer-related paraphernalia are included in this artwork.

Some of the more notable items:

Names of Old 99’s beers: Fogline, Infidel, Infrared, Yard Sale
Crossed out Mom tattoo from the Billy Badass Double IPA logo
The brewery’s unique 99 mash paddle

Artwork You can Look at for Days

The attention-grabbing artwork is on glasses, t-shirts, and even used as the background on their crowlers among other things. Once it catches your eye, you start noticing each little item that makes up the piece. These things don’t just make up the logo, but the real-life items are pieces that making up this brewery.

The Old 99 Brewing Co. Iconoflage tells a visual story of the brewery in a very entertaining way. The next time you sit down with a glass, you’ll spend a few minutes recognizing what makes makes up the piece and realize what goes into establishing a great brewery.


Category: Apparel Artwork, Branding Material, Custom Art Piece, Packaging Artwork, Product Artwork

Original Size: 11″ x 11″

Media: Black ink on 100# smooth paper, vector for scalability.

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