Nike Air Force 1 Low Silver on White

Nike first released the Air Force 1 in 1982. It was their first Nike Air basketball shoe and with it came some innovative designs that would influence the design of basketball shoes that followed. Although they discontinued production only a couple of seasons after it’s release, they re-released the shoe in 1986 and it’s been here to stay ever since.

In an attempt at trying my hand at illustrating on shoes, I Iconoflaged my Nike Air Force 1’s covering them in artwork that tells the history of the iconic shoe. From the basketball court to the unique pivot point sole and the United States President’s plane which the shoes are named after, you can discover the story on these shoes.

Category: Apparel Artwork, Custom Shoes, Product Artwork

Size: Men’s 10.5 Nike Air Force 1

Media: Silver acrylic paint on white leather


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