Nike Air Force 1 Low Silver on White

The Nike Air Fore 1 has an intriguing history. In 1982, it was the first Nike Air basketball shoe. After a couple of years, Nike stopped producing the shoe, only to bring it back a short time later from high demand.

Since then, the shoe has been redesigned in different styles and remixed with different colors and materials. Just a simple Google search will give you an idea of the vast variety this one shoe has.

After learning this, I decided to revamp my old pair of white Nike Air Force 1 lows with Iconoflage to help tell the story of these shoes and how it was an influential part in the basketball community.

Icons Found in the Piece

The Iconoflage I used in this piece tells a very abbreviated version of the Air Force 1 story.

Some of the more notable items:

Rasheed Wallace fadeaway logo – this was his shoe of choice and even had his own branded Air Force 1s.
The Air Force One jet – Where Nike got the name for the shoes.
The Air Force 1 shoe sole – This was a distinct design that enforced the player’s pivot points and was an influential bookmark in the basketball industry.

An Iconic Piece in Basketball History with a Story Worth Sharing

This project wasn’t just a means to tryout a new “canvas” and revitalize an old pair of shoes. My goal with covering my Nike Air Force 1’s with Iconoflage was to help tell the story of where it came from and reveal its influence in the basketball industry.

After a little bit of research, you realize how big of a role the Nike Air Force 1 has served in the shoe design industry. It’s a timeless icon that will continue to be around for decades to come. It was only fitting to cover these shoes in Iconoflage to visually tell their story.


Left Shoe

Right Shoe

Category: Apparel Artwork, Custom Shoes, Product Artwork

Size: Men’s 10.5

Media: Silver acrylic paint on white leather


Process Videos

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