Highpulp Studio Custom Art Piece

The Highpulp Studio custom art piece was created as a gift for Daniel Palacios. Daniel is a highly-skilled hand letterer who goes by the brand name Highpulp Studio.

The goal for this piece is to reveal the tools Daniel uses to create his artwork and share his journey into teaching hand lettering.

Since orange is Highpulp Studio’s brand color, this piece was created using an orange opaque ink marker. The rough texture of the paper imitates the surface of an orange (recognition of the brand name).

Icons Found in the Piece

Daniel has mastered many pens, markers, and other drawing tools as he practiced.

In the piece, you’ll find:

Tombow Dual Brush Pens – one of his favorite tools
Brush Pen Guides – from his first workshop teaching hand lettering
MacBook Pro – also dubbed the “vector machine” where hand lettering goes from analog to digital

A Master of His Tools

Anyone can pick up a pen and draw something. But it takes a lot of time and deliberate practice to produce the quality of work Daniel does.

The Highpulp Studio custom art piece displays his tools to recognize his dedication. These are the things he has spent countless hours with to create his amazing work. And now, he is teaching people how to become hand letterers and master these tools as well.

Scott's ability to fit so many of the tools I use into the logo is incredible. There's so much detail that you have to really zoom in to see it. You could easily spend a half hour just looking at it.

You can tell he does his research then translates that into Iconoflage, which I'm sure takes time and patience.

Everything was handled professionally. Scott even went out of his way to frame the final piece for me, which was an unexpected surprise.

Daniel Palacios

Lettering Artist, Highpulp Studio

Category: Custom Art Piece

Size: 14″ x 11″

Media: Orange ink on white Canson Mi-Teintes 98 lb paper

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