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Happy Ever After Knits Identity


Happy Ever After Knits is my wife’s online shop where she sells knitted goods including baby blankets, hats, scarfs, monogram mug covers, and baby and adult mittens. Most of the items she will make before ordering them, but the baby blankets are made-to-order.

The target audience is mostly women in their early 20s-40 with a mid-high income. These women are expectant moms or mothers who have just had a baby and would like to have a custom baby blanket knitted and women who appreciate hand-made knitted clothing items for their children and/or themselves. These people appreciate products that are thoughtfully created by hand specifically for the client to give them a one-of-a-kind made-to-order item.

With this in mind, I knew the goal was to create a branding identity that would attract the feminine audience while communicating that the business is done by hand.

Creation Process

I started roughing out ideas with a black pen so I could work quickly with the challenge of not being able to erase. This allowed me to focus on just getting ideas on the page and knowing I could refine the details later.

After some brainstorming, I ended up filling two pages of my large sketchbook with ideas.

Happy Ever After Knits Thumbnal Sketches


To bring it back to the basics, I knew the ball of yarn with knitting needles would be the best direction. This communicates how and with what the goods are made and I knew with the right styling, it can attract the target audience.

RiverBlendz Logo Refinement

Type Choices

I just needed to choose a typeface that would compliment the iconic part of the logo which down to two options:

  1. A script type that looked like yarn connecting the letters together and ball of yarn, or
  2. A hand-lettered sans serif font, which would suggest the simplicity of the products

Considering the applications of the logo, I chose to hand-letter a sans serif type that imitated the various widths of yarn strands in the ball and would be more legible at smaller sizes.

RiverBlends Vectoring Logo


While this logo works very well in black and white and can easily be used in this manner, but I knew it needed to have a little more character with color.

The colors are based from when we think of babies genders: blue for boys and pink for girls. I picked out pastel-like colors to give the logo a sense of being soft.

RiverBlends Vectoring Logo

Final Concept

Happy Ever After Knits Final Concepts

For the final concept, I created both a square and a horizontal version for versatility in applications. The square version has the type wrapping around the ball of yarn between the knitting needles, while the horizontal with the ball of yarn on the left, and the type following to the right.

This final piece represents the business in a literal manner with the ball of yarn and knitting needles. The type represents the business figuratively. Being hand-drawn, it hints at the products all being made by hand. The sans serif font gives a nod to the simplicity of the products while the slight variance in width and rough edges imitate the texture of the yarn.

With these characteristics and the color scheme, this logo invites the target audience of new and expecting mothers who appreciate hand-knitted goods by appearing fun, genuine, and inviting.

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