Dutch Bros Iconoflage

Revealing the fun character of a company who genuinely cares

While strongly valuing customer service at the core of their company, Dutch Bros has a much more authentic brand that almost everyone can get behind. Appropriate for a company in the caffeine business, Dutch Bros is energetic, exciting, and provides a fun atmosphere. While the company has been recognized on the 2017 Forbes Small Giants list, you can tell they’re always having a good time. You’ll even find Travis Boersma, the CEO, rocking a t-shirt and board shorts frequently in the corporate headquarters. Without a doubt, they have made “being fun” part of their brand and the goal for the Dutch Bros Iconoflage was to capture this genuine character.

While the illustrative style of Iconoflage easily complimented the feel needed for the artwork, the icons are what tell the story. The icons include products, logos, lettered taglines, and other paraphernalia associated with the company. Whether it’s a smile, the music coming out of the coffee shop, or one of the playful taglines, you quickly get the idea of how much fun Dutch Bros is.

Finally, the Duch Bros’ Iconoflage is in the shape of the Dutch Bro’s Windmill logo so that it can easily be a substitute anywhere the normal windmill is used. From cups to shirts, the Dutch Bros Iconoflage can be applied to virtually anything to display the company’s genuinely fun character.

Category: Apparel Artwork, Branding Artwork, Packaging Artwork, Product Artwork

Size: Varies

Media: Digital vector

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