Channel Islands Surfboards

The Channel Islands Surfboards Iconoflage project was created to help give you an idea of the many applications Iconoflage can be used.

Icons Found in the Artwork

The icons I created for this artwork include the history of Channel Islands Surfboards as well as the general surfing community.

Some of the more notable items:

Cover artwork for Flow – a documentary about Al Merrick, the founder of the company.
Board logos – Channel Islands Surfboards has provided the surfing industry with a lot of board designs and fun logos that are now archived in this piece.
Signatures of riders and Al and Britt Merrick.

Artwork Designed to Captivate

The Channel Islands Surfboards Iconoflage was created as a fun pattern that quickly grabs your attention. From the quirky logos to the sunsets spread through the artwork, you get a sense of the fun environment surfing has and how Channel Islands Surfboards has helped this industry grow. You enjoy it and are captivated by it every time you see it.

Category: Apparel Artwork, Branding Artwork, Product Artwork

Size: Varies

Media: Digital vector

Process Video

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