Channel Islands Surfboards

Channel Islands Surfboards has been pushing the boundaries in the surfing industry since it was founded by Al Merrick in 1969. Surfing pros including Kelly Slater, Connor Coffin, and Jordy Smith have ridden for the company team and helped influence many of the boards available today. Al Merrick’s son Britt, whom grew up watching his dad shape boards, is now the lead shaper and designer for the company and continues to work with surfers to shape boards by hand.

The goal for this Iconoflage project was to create a piece of digital vector artwork that could be used in virtually any application. To achieve this, the piece was designed as a repeatable pattern for larger applications.

The artwork includes many of the logos used for the boards, Channel Islands Surfboards products, and various surf-themed illustrations.

Category: Apparel Artwork, Branding Artwork, Product Artwork

Size: Varies

Media: Digital vector

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