I go through a meticulous process for every project I work on. It’s important that I follow this process to ensure that I provide the best solution for your branding needs.

Obtain Information

I start each of my projects with obtaining knowledge about you and your business through my questionnaire. I carefully consider each request by looking for how passionate you are about working on your goal with me, if you understand your need for an objective-based identity, and how well we will work together.
I appreciate the time put into filling out the questionnaire and I reply to every inquiry. If I think we’re a good fit, I will contact you and ask any follow-up questions to understand you and your goals for a new branding identity.
Once I have all of the information I need, I will send you a design agreement outlining the project.
Before I start working on the project, all I need from you is a signed copy of the agreement and a 50% deposit.


With the information I have received, I brainstorm and sketch my ideas down on paper. At this point, no idea is too crazy as I explore every possibility with objectivity. When I have a sketch with the right direction, I draw a larger version to allow myself to articulate the detail. This iterative process can take some time creating multiple renditions to fine-tune each detail.
Once I have an acceptable version of my drawing, I will create a vector version and make any final tweaks to polish up the logo.

Presentation and Deliverables

To present the final version of the logo, I will create a case study covering the process and describing each detail’s purpose so you understand everything about your new branding identity.
After you have a chance to review the case study, we can discuss any final revisions that need to be made before the project is completed.
Once the project is finished and I have received the final payment, I will send you a package of files. In this package will be the files of your new logo and a style guide so you know how to use it and get the most out of your visual branding.

Are you ready to work with me on your branding identity?

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