Making an Eight Year Investment in a World of Immediate Results

Success is right around the (lengthy) corner.

One thing that has been nagging me recently is this constant feeling of needing to get everything done now and seeing immediate results.

I need to get this project done so I can ship it off.
I need to pay off my debt so I can start investing my money.
I need to be making more money so I can do all of the things I want to in life.
I need to create more diverse projects more frequently to maintain my social media audience’s interest.

You get the picture.

For some reason I start thinking I need to get all of these things done within the next few years or I’m going to be a failure, but then Gary V. comes out with this video The Ultimate Advice for Every 20 Year Old.

As with Gary’s videos, he provides solid advice for when you’re feeling like you aren’t seeing the results you want and you feel like you’re running out of time.

Eight Years to show major improvement

The thing that really hit me is when he points out that it took him eight years of hard work every day to get see huge results. I’ll admit, in my mind, that sounds like a long time. But when you zoom out to the big picture of your timeline, it’s not that long. It especially doesn’t feel like it when you’re doing something you enjoy.

Zooming back in, just realize what you can accomplish with your career in eight years if you focus on it.

For me, with eight years, I can experiment with different ways to apply Iconoflage. I will have time to refine my style and find what fits me best. Eight years gives me a lot of time to learn about building my business and become a better resource for people who are or want to become freelance artists and designers.

Make sure you’re showing up every day knowing you won’t see immediate results

I like to think of myself as a patient person, but I realize that I’m not patient when it comes to seeing results with my work. When I finished the Air Force 1’s, I was obviously hoping to see people start contacting me about Iconoflaging shoes for them. When I finished the Optimist Skate Deck, I was hoping a brand would ask me to do something like that for them.

In reality, though, that’s an extremely high demand considering these are my first projects like this. I need to keep doing these sorts of projects for years before people start contacting me consistently to work on an Iconoflage project for them.

As the classic saying goes, this is a marathon, not a sprint. I think sometimes we forget what that means when it comes to a career. It means you aren’t going to get immediate results. Yes, your work is amazing, but you need to keep producing work like that for a long time before your investment pays off.

Your career is a literal investment. And as an investment, you don’t immediately get something in return, you have to let it grow naturally over a long period of time.

Not everything in life has immediate results especially your career

This idea may be a bit discouraging because in our world today. Thanks especially to the technology we have, we expect things to happen immediately.

We text people across the country. You can post an image on Instagram and hundreds of people will see it in a few minutes. There are restaurants that can serve your food faster than you can heat up a frozen pizza.
This ability to see immediate results easily carries into our expectations in everything in our lives including our careers. But that’s clearly not how it works. Our careers need time to be refined, matured, and grow along with us.

Make your daily investment and be patient

Knowing that, you have to show up everyday. You need to be purposeful with your time and continue to invest it so you can grow your career.

This is what I’m trying to remind myself every day. There isn’t a shortcut for a life-long career, you just take it one day at a time. Wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I know that sounds boring, but when you’re doing it in a career you love, it gives you a sense of purpose and you enjoy every damn day you do it. The next thing you know, eight years has passed and that daily investment is starting to show those sought-after immediate results.

Have you ever noticed yourself being impatient and expecting immediate results? Tell me your story.

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