Tell your story through intricate custom artwork.

What is Iconoflage?

Iconoflage is custom artwork designed to tell a story about a brand, company, or product through an arrangement of interlocking visual illustrations.

Think of how a logo is the distillation of your brand. With Iconoflage, I take a magnifying glass to that symbol to reveal all of the things that the symbol represents.

Each project takes into consideration the history, behind the scenes, and everything else that makes up that brand, company, or product.

What does Iconoflage do?

Just looking at any of my previous projects, anyone can lose themselves identifying each item that makes up the piece. While doing so, you’ll feel a connection as you remember interacting with any specific items that you look at.

Take Nike for example, while mentioning the name, you have a feeling toward the brand. But looking at the Nike Custom Art Piece, you’ll almost relive running the marathon, or putting on that new pair of shoes, or playing basketball when you were younger.

Iconoflage has a more powerful connection with its viewers because of its highly-visual aspect.

What can Iconoflage be used for?

There is practically an unlimited number of applications Iconoflage can be used for. Whether it’s a unique piece of art of your company’s logo to hang in your office or artwork for a limited-run apparel line. Iconoflage covers it all.

Projects include (but is not limited to):

  • Apparel Artwork – Limited-run shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc.
  • Branding Material – Add extra flair to the back of business cards
  • Custom Art Piece – Framable artwork to hang on your wall
  • Exterior Mural – Attract customers with eye-catching artwork outside of your shop
  • Interior Mural – Inspire your team with unique artwork in the office
  • Product Artwork – Special artwork for a special-edition product
  • Packaging Artwork – Your amazing product should have amazing packaging too
  • Car wrap – Have you seen those prototype cars with the black and white wraps? What if it told a story?

What is used to create Iconoflage?

The media used to create Iconoflage is specifically chosen for the particular project.

For projects requiring scalability or multiple productions (product artwork or other branding artwork), I will create the project digitally.

For one-time projects such as a mural or custom art piece, I will use media that compliments the topic both in the media type and color.

What do people have to say about Iconoflage?

Scott's ability to fit so many of the tools I use into the logo is incredible. There's so much detail that you have to really zoom in to see it. You could easily spend a half hour just looking at it.

You can tell he does his research then translates that into Iconoflage, which I'm sure takes time and patience.

Everything was handled professionally. Scott even went out of his way to frame the final piece for me, which was an unexpected surprise.

Daniel Palacios

Lettering Artist, Highpulp Studio

At first glance, it's really cool to see an organic, non-repeating texture applied to something that I'm used to seeing in a solid color. Upon looking at it more closely, I started to see all of the elements which tell a complete story in a unique and engaging visual way. Every time I look at the piece, I see something that I hadn't seen before and it makes the artwork that much more special.

Scott is a consummate professional and terrific to work with. He really does his homework and truly immerses himself into his clients' brand and culture, so you can let him do his thing and rest assured that you'll get a kick-ass piece in the end.

If you have a story to tell, Iconoflage is one of the most unique ways to tell it. It's eye-catching and memorable in any way that it's displayed, whether it's shown digitally on social media or scaled up as a wall mural.

Terence Tang

Lettering Artist, Tinlun Studio

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