Keeping momentum to achieve your biggest goals.

Maintaining motivation is vital to making progress toward living your passion. If you find that you’re starting to lose motivation, it can be difficult to pick it back up especially if you let it go too far. There are a few ways you could have lost your motivation including burnout or simply losing sight of your goals. Even the best of us can lose steam, but having the ability to push hard enough to gain momentum back instead of quit is the deciding factor that will bring you success or failure.

Clearly, pure willpower alone isn’t what will bring your motivation back. You need substance and structure behind your goals. So here are some steps that will help you push harder and get your motivation back.

Have Goals and Reflect on Them Daily

The first thing to maintain motivation is to break up your long-term goals with short-term goals. This will not only help you make your big ambitions a reality, but as you surpass another milestone and mark it off, you’ll get a sense of achievement that will push you toward wanting to achieve the next objective on your list.

After a few months, look back at all of the things you have achieved and how much closer you are toward realizing your long-term goals.

Create a Schedule

Once you have discovered the goals you want to achieve, you need to create a plan to help you achieve them. Set aside some time to schedule your short-term goals on a calendar. I’m talking about daily tasks, not just where you want to be at the end of the year.

This way, when you get up each morning, you can go over your schedule to see what you need to do that day. You don’t have to worry about planning out your day or trying to figure out a way to make your goals a reality, you already have a plan set out before you and all you have to do is execute. Then that evening, you can look back at the things you accomplished and realize you’re that much closer toward your big goals.

Take regularly scheduled breaks

This might sound counterproductive, but taking short, regularly scheduled breaks from your work will actually help you maintain motivation. I myself take a break every seven weeks.

It can be a challenge to force yourself away from your work because it stops productivity, but you will soon realize that when you force yourself to step away from your work, you get a much needed recharge.

You can use your time off to relax, do something you haven’t done for a while, or even pick up a new hobby that you’ve been wanting to try. What I have found even with a week off, it isn’t nearly as much time as it sounds, but it is enough time to catch your breath and as you progress toward the end of the week, you’ll start to get an itch. You want to start working on design again and open your sketchbook and get ideas down for the next project coming up. But don’t stare quite yet. Give yourself the full scheduled time off and use this enthusiasm to build fuel to your fire that will push you through the next six weeks until your next break.

How Do You Get Motivation Back?

As I pointed out at the beginning of this post, there are times when even I start to feel like I’m losing steam. I understand how discouraging it can be when you realize you have lost your motivation. In truth, it happens to the best of us, but thankfully there are ways to gain momentum again if you have started to feel like you’re just not sure if you care anymore.

Remember Your Goals

This might be the biggest solution of all. Remember why you started designing in the first place. Did you enjoy it? Was it the clients you worked for? Was it using your creativity to solve a client’s problem? Where did you want to be in five years?

You need to get that drive you had when you started working on the first project. You were so excited to start working toward being a great designer and having your own firm, but after some time, you just lost sight of it.
If you haven’t yet, write down you goals and put them somewhere that you will see every day. It will be a good reminder of why what you’re doing matters.

Push Through

There are definitely some days that are harder than others. Whether you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, you have too many things you’re trying to get done, or you’re having some personal issues, there are a lot of outside factors that can have an effect on your motivation. Being able to get up early and work hard toward something that doesn’t exist yet is extremely challenging, but if you can get yourself to push through this difficult spot, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t Give Up

Unless you’re somehow getting a resounding “stop what you’re doing” from everyone and yourself, don’t quit.

You can do this.

You’re just at a bit of a roadblock that will soon be over. Sometimes it’s a rough day, or maybe a project isn’t going so well. Just realize it’s just a bump in the road that isn’t a permanent fixture in your life.

Giving up means you let negativity win.

Unless it was a huge waste of time, there’s no reason to give up. If you truly care about what you have been working toward and really want to achieve those goals, just keep going.

Just recently I had noticed I was losing motivation and it was simply because I had lost sight of my long-term goals.

What have you found caused your loss of motivation? I would love to hear your story.

Send me a message below.

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