Engaging with your target audience and opening the door to your platform.
In last week’s post, you learned that for people to experience your brand the way it was meant to be, you need to have your own platform. It’s a home for your content and a place you can refer people to to learn about and experience your brand. Now if you’re new, looking to gain momentum, or just expand your business, you might realize that you aren’t going to have anyone just visiting your website if you don’t tell people about it. Sure, you can tell your friends, but they’re probably not exactly your target audience. So now that you have the house, you need guide people to come visit. One of the best vehicles to get them there? social media.

Your audience is already there

First, let’s cover the obvious. Social media is a second life for a lot of people. They spend massive amounts of time there. Whether it’s to post photos from the weekend at the beach or retweet a quote from their role model, people are there at all times of the day. That also means your target audience is on social media. All you have to do is create a profile and start creating content.


To make sure you have the right audience following you – the people who are actually going to buy your product – you need to filter what you share. This means not posing those photos of your dog, what you ate for dinner, or other non-field related posts. You should only be posting content that is related to your business. When you post something, be sure it pertains to your brand. You want to build an experience and the more consistent you are in your output, the better experience your audience is going to have. As they come to you more frequently and enjoy your brand, encourage them to come to your platform where they can experience your brand to the fullest.

New Content

As you create new content, share it across social media. Create a hook and open loop attention based on the content you created (blog post, video, podcast, etc.) to get your audience’s attention and link back to your content. You don’t ned to post the whole video and you don’t need to share all of the content. This is what I mean by hook and open loop. Share enough to get their attention, then send them over to your platform so they can get the rest of the value. You can do the same with content you have already written. This works especially if it’s relatable to current events or something you think is necessary at the time. Sharing content that is relatable to your audience at a specific moment can speak much louder to them than new content. It could be something they already learned, but over time have forgotten. But you creating a post on the topic again, they’ll remember it thanks to you.

Get active

Instead of just writing posts to publicize your content, you should be actively looking for opportunities to engage with people in social media. Look for Facebook groups that are related to your field and content. Find Twitter posts with #(Insert your field here)Problems and interact with these people. They’re looking for help and it’s providing you with the opportunity to start building trust with them right now!

Start building trust through engagement

Let’s say someone comments on one of your social media posts that she is having trouble understanding how you did something related to your field. If you have written a blog post or video about it, comment back and provide a link to that content. If you don’t have a post about it yet, be sure to write it down for a future topic because if it’s a problem someone is having now, you know someone in the future is going to have trouble as well. But just because you don’t have anything yet doesn’t mean you just ignore it. Create a quick post showing or explaining how you do your job or comment back with some instructional steps. It doesn’t have to be much, but showing that you care about your audience will quickly show your audience that you are a professional and they can trust you to help them. Finally, once you’re satisfied with your helpful comment or post, invite them to get in touch with you if they need any other assistance. This key step provides an open door for your audience members that will bring them closer to you. Their trust level with you will build from there.

Find your audience through your own role model’s social media

You can apply the above tactic not only to comments of your own content, but to the comments on other people’s social media profiles. You’re bound to have a role model or two in your field that you aspire to – they’re the reason you got into your field and push to improve. Considering social media is so popular, they’re bound to have profiles on various media platforms as well. Go check them out and start digging. I can guarantee there are people asking how to do something you can help them with, but your role model just doesn’t have the time to comment back. As I mentioned earlier, these people are your target audience and you need to reach out to them. Once you start engaging with them, they’ll start to follow you and look to you for more help than your role models because you’re the one engaging with them. Of course, if the people you look up to have passed away, this might not be as easy, but you should still be able to find some social media profiles relatable. So whether you have a strong following on social media yet or not, you can easily start to interact with your target audience. You just need to know where to find these people and start engaging with them. Doing so will start to build a following for you that trusts you and gives you the opportunity to share your content. You can then bring them to your own platform where you share even more knowledge that they know they can trust.

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