This blog hasn’t been outstanding and I intend to fix that in 2017.

Ah, 2017. A new year, a fresh start, and time to re-evaluate what isn’t working. That means 2017 is the year I will be documenting my journey instead of teaching.

Teaching what I know for a year hasn’t been effective

You know what’s interesting about my blog and newsletter? I don’t know either. I guess that’s my point. I’ve been posting for a year, but it just doesn’t seem to have the impact that it should.

I understand it takes a while to build an interest and following around this sort of thing, but over this time, I’ve only been trying to teach what I know.

Now, I would like to think I know a lot, and I understand that I know more about becoming a freelance designer than other people, but I get imposter syndrome doing this. There are concepts that I understand, but, there are a lot more that I have yet to experience, make mistakes at, and learn from.

Unfortunately, by maintaining the blog and newsletter the way I have been, I’m not allowing myself to have many of these experiences. I’m so busy writing, editing, and promoting the blog, that I have run into the oh-so-common problem of time.

I need more experiences to share with you

During my weekly mastermind meeting, it was pointed out to me that instead of focusing my time on trying to teach through my blog, maybe I should focus on building my portfolio. Instantly, I thought about how nice that would be to start pushing out work instead of spending countless hours each week just to get the next blog post up.

I wouldn’t have to worry about writing, editing, and creating a feature image for the blog. It would allow me to experience more and get my freelance business going. Most of all, I would become a more valuable resource for you.

It’s time to change the content I share with you

The struggle I have right now is knowing how far I have gotten already. I don’t want to just stop the blog and newsletter, but I need to make it easier to maintain.

So, with that on the table, I’m going to spend some time working out a different direction and frequency for 2017.

Instead of teaching you what I know, I’m going to give you a candid, behind-the-scenes look at how I’m building my freelance business.

Like I have said before, I want this to be valuable to you, but I know I don’t have very much experience in freelancing. And for this reason, I’m not going to write about what you should do.

Instead, to make the greatest effect with this blog, I believe I should be documenting my experiences and sharing what I’m creating.

But here’s the thing: I don’t want this to just be informative, I want this to be fun for you.

What do you want to hear from me through this upcoming year?

Are you interested in what tools I use? Currently, I’m playing with the iPad Pro and playing with a handful of apps to find the best one for Iconoflage.
Are you interested in the music I listen to? I have complied a lot of Spotify playlists and my Discover Weekly is getting quite interesting at the moment.
Do you want to know what audio books I’m learning from? I’m listening to Content Inc. right now, and frankly, I’ll probably have to listen to it a few more times for all of the concepts to stick.
Do you want to know the beer style I immediately go to when I’m out for a meal? Usually a West Coast IPA.
Do you want to know about my hobbies? I’ve quickly become an avid runner and I’m going to run my first 1/2 marathon in May.

I’m serious. If we can start a conversation business-related or not, let’s do it.

I’m going to make 2017 the best year ever

So, for 2017, here’s what I’m going to do:
I’m going to write and capture (photograph and video) what I’m doing. Then, every other week, I will share what I have created, done, and any other fun and interesting things I can give you.
It will take a little bit of time to build a solid template, but I’ll start with the following sections:

  1. Behind the scenes of current projects
  2. Building the freelance business
  3. Fun things that keep my creativity going (music, books, technology, etc.)

I want to keep these posts fairly short and easily digestible. Then as I find what works and what doesn’t, you’ll see what I share start to transform based on your feedback and our discussions.

I’m hoping that by unveiling what I’m doing instead of trying to tell you what to do, you’ll see the mistakes I make and learn from them along with me.

All I ask from you is to send me anything you want to hear from me. No matter if it’s about building the business or what I do to get my creativity going. I want to share with you what you want to know.

Let’s make this fun. Let’s make it informative. And hopefully, by documenting my journey and sharing what fuels me, I can inspire you as well.

So, what can I share that would help you or that you would find interesting? Send me a message below.

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