Exploring the U.S. and improving my skills.

50 States 50 Brands is a personal project I had schemed up in 2014 as a means to explore the United States and improve my skills as a branding designer. Not only do I think this will benefit myself, but my goal by sharing my process and the progress through the project, you can learn along with me.



For this project, I am researching each state of the U.S. to find what makes them unique from each other. With this information, I will fabricate a business that is based off of one of those unique characteristics. For example, my first project was Texas where I considered the ranches in Texas and their use of cattle branding. From this, I came up with a branding company whose logo was based on the designs of cattle brands. There is more to the company’s design than cattle brands, but this is what got me started for this project. You can read more about the logo in the Texas Branding Research case study.


Without an objective, the project has no purpose.


The main goal for 50 States 50 Brands is for me to have a fun way to improve my process. I have been working in the graphic design field since 2009, but I only really started to focus on logos and branding design in 2014. As a means to become better working in this niched category, I need to work on more projects in the field.

50 States 50 Brands will allow me to not only improve my skills in sketching, drawing, vectorizing, and revising, but I will also be able to improve the efficiency of my logo designing process. I want to be able to complete projects quicker by improving my skills and practicing focusing solely on the task at hand.

Expand my portfolio

The projects you show in your portfolio represent the projects you will work on in the future.

The second objective for this large project is to grow my portfolio. Even though I have designed logos in the past, those projects didn’t represent the way I enjoy working on them and for me, not worth showing to the public. I need to have projects that I love to work on and show the way logos and visual branding identities should be designed.


Practice makes perfect (and permanent).

Since I have done so many logos where there was a poor objective or I wasn’t allowed to execute my creativity, I didn’t have practice working on projects I know how they should be done. So, the final goal for 50 States 50 Brands is to get used to working on projects with the objective of reaching the client’s target audience in mind. Of course, not only do I feel it is extremely necessary to have the practice, but I simply enjoy working through the logo design process!


I will be sharing the progress through each project through various social media platforms using #50States50Brands. Images and videos of the major steps of my process will be on Instagram and Facebook, while I share more details and behind the scenes on Snapchat (@scotthofford). I’m also on Twitter providing helpful thoughts and tips on logo design. Once each project is complete, I’ll create a case study outlining the goals of the project and break down the process showing how the logo turned out the way it did.

Take a seat, buckle up, and enjoy the ride

I’m really excited to document and share the progress through this substantial project and I hope you learn a lot along with me. If you have any questions or challenges you come across in logo design, feel free to send me a message through my Contact Page.

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