Scott Hofford

I’m Scott Hofford, I created Iconoflage to tell your story.


My passion for design started when I was fairly young. My earlier memories take me back to elementary school when my drawings pieces were sent to state-wide competitions (never got that drawing back…).

Since then, I have become a professional designer with some sort of degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and continuous years of experience in the design industry.

Even though I know print, digital, and web design, my obsession with details finally became too obvious to ignore. That’s where Iconoflage comes in.


Iconoflage started as simple doodles on school notes, but I decided to take it further. I first started creating custom frames as gifts for my wife, then I covered an entire skateboard deck, then put the hobby on hold.

Fast forward a handful of years and I’m bringing it back and making it my main focus.

Each project is created uniquely for a specific application which tells a story about the brand or product in an undeniably captivating way.

You can stare at each work for hours finding all of the icons that go into making the entire piece.

If you are interested in hiring me to work on an Iconoflage project for you, click the button below.

Other Interesting Facts About My Life

If I’m not working on a project for a client, I am working on self-initiated projects to continue my pursuit to better my skills, writing for my blog, or spending time with my wife and daughter.

Being from the Pacific Northwest, I have a love for craft beer (NW-style IPAs to be more exact), and I’m always on the lookout for ones I haven’t had yet.

I used to be obsessed with video games, but my deep passion for Iconoflage has since occupied my time.

You can keep up with me and what I’m currently working on through various social media outlets.

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